RFID Blocking Card Holder

Keep your cash and identity secure from digital pickpockets and fraudsters.

Blocks the contactless feature of a card 

Prevents criminals from 'skimming' details

-  No risk of accidental transactions

Easy to insert and remove a card

Don't be drawn in by poorly made replicas; look for the Secured By Design logo. 

 High quality blocking material composition

 No ripping or tearing after prolonged use

 Not susceptible to water damage 

 Trusted & bought by UK Police Forces; 

    official Police Preferred Specification

Industry Leading Protection

Unrivalled Branding Opportunities

The widest range of personalised branding options on the market; the professional's choice.

 Bespoke customer options (MOQs apply)

-  Promote your security message or company

 Trusted by leading UK organisations

 Design your own artwork, or let us help

Compatible With ALL Cards

Any card that uses contactless technology can be protected by the Card Defender.

-  All credit/debit cards

-  Travel cards, e.g. Oyster Card

 Student ID and access cards

-  Prevent card clash in your wallet or purse

The UK's No.1! 

Join the legions of secure

Card Defender users &

put your trust in Police

Preferred Specification!

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for the UK's favourite Card Defender contact our

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The UK's favourite 

contactless card protector

Prevent tech-savvy thieves from 

silently skimming your card details.


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